Unveiling the Plans for the Immaculata

"When you give to the Immaculata, you're not giving to the Academy, or to the college, or to the parish really. You're giving to the Immaculata. You're giving to her." - Fr. Rutledge

On June 15th, Fr. Rutlege hosted the official and public kick-off for the new project on the campus of St. Mary's Academy and College. He explained how this would benefit the souls here, why they chose the architectural style they did, and what remains to be raised to see this church brought to fruition.

Fr. Wegner, the District Superior, emphasized the importance of this project, not just to St. Mary's, but to the whole District of America, and even the world. St. Mary's, as the biggest school and parish in the SSPX worldwide, is a symbol of the work of the restoration of the Faith and the priesthood. This unique project also shows the unity of the SSPX and is thus much more than a simple, local initiative.

Jurgen Wegner