Project Overview

The time has come, at last, to build the Immaculata — to honor the call of Our Lady to finish what we started 40 years ago. Join us as we unite our hearts in faith, in hope and in charity to build a church worthy of the Immaculata.

Together, we will build a spiritual home for our community, a church where the faith of our children will flourish and their love of Our Lady will blossom into lives of steadfast devotion.

Now is the time to honor Our Blessed Mother — to spread Her message and to build a home worthy of the Immaculata.

Artistic Representation of the Immaculata

Artistic Representation of the Immaculata


Why is this the right moment to build?

Our vibrant community has outgrown our campus resources and needs a church to serve our growing parish. For the first time in our history, we have the funds to begin building and the ability to raise the remaining funds.

Why build adjacent to campus?

To serve our parish, the Immaculata will be too large to fit on campus. Our community requires two distinct spaces: One where the Immaculata will serve our parish, and another where students will thrive on a nurturing campus. Our connected property to the north will provide additional parking and the union of our Church and cemetery, as is proper in Catholic parishes.

Why has the design changed to a Romanesque style?

Since Gothic architecture has become prohibitively expensive, we have selected a beautiful style to honor Our Lady while increasing seating and space to serve our growing community. The Immaculata will include:

  • A cupola where a statue of Our Lady will oversee our community

  • Two spiring bell towers that will call the faithful to Holy Mass

  • A tester crowning the altar that will symbolize Our Lady’s Queenship and Our Lord’s Royalty

  • Extensive parking with easy access to nave, offices, classrooms and hall


I am convinced that a spiritual restoration of our souls will take place at the same time, in and through Our Lady. The more we love Her, the more our work will be consecrated to Her.
— Father Patrick Rutledge Rector, St. Mary’s Academy and College