New Video with Patrick Schutter, BHS, Construction Manager


Patrick Schutter, President of BHS Construction who is tasked with the Construction Manager role for the Immaculata Church Project, talks about what it means to him to build a Catholic Church, and how BHS is capable of handling such a complex project. In this video, he also explains why BHS Construction’s partnership with Hutton is a key strategic advantage for making the Immaculata a successful project.

Any time that you work on a Catholic Church, it’s a sense of reverence. You’re building God’s home!
— Patrick Schutter, President, BHS Construction

Table of Contents:

00:54 - What is your name, position, and company?

01:20 - What affinity might you have to the area, or to St. Mary’s?

02:11 - How did you get into the construction industry?

03:49 - How would you define BHS?

04:56 - How does BHS take a vision like the Immaculata and turn it into a reality?

06:03 - How did you get involved in the Immaculata project?

08:25 - Where are we in the process of the building itself?

11:07 - What is your perspective of the Immaculata Church Project so far?

12:08 - What did you remember most from the June 15th kickoff event?

13:08 - Can you talk to what it means to you to build a Catholic Church?

That’s really where the pinnacle of any Catholic happens… is at Mass!
— Patrick Schutter, President, BHS Construction

For more information on why a Construction Manager is so important to the project, read the recent news post entitled “BHS/Hutton Appointed ‘Construction Manager at Risk’”.

Joe Carroll